Prague VapeCon and Open Air Festival Announce first singer

Jakub Ondra

The Organizers of the Open Air Festival and VapeCon are pleased to announce the selection of a young and up and coming singer, Jakub Ondra as one of the Act for both event.

“We are happy to have a local singer as our first singing,” says Daniela Mc Cormick, the show Organizer.  She adds”Jakub brings a fine voice with a great ability to tell a story in each of his songs.  He will be a great addition to the many groups and bands and performers we will feature at the free Open Air Festival as well as the VapeCon event.

Here is a link to one of his songs on youtube.

Please visit our wesbite and look under either the Bands page or the Open Air to see a listing of more bands and performers for the events.

The Open Air Festival and VapeCon will happening at the (put the holi place here)

FOr more information, please contact, Daniela

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