Are you band ?

Then read this. 

Band Information

The first is a free Open Air Festival that is open to the public, anyone can come and go, there are no tickets, only great food, beer and with you, music.

If you are selected, you will be asked to perform a Set that will last about 40-45 minutes.  You must be able to set up your own equipment (with the help of our staff) in about 10-15 minutes.

The Bands and Groups will start their session on the hour and there will be an announcement on the main stage that will address the crowd to your name and any information you want.

We have no problems if you want to make an announcement on future things you are doing or if you want to offer some CD’s, or T-shirts or other merchandise.  We will not ask for anything but the Right to make sure what you are selling is not hurting the image of VapeCon, Vaping or is illegal.

The Main Stage at the Open Air Festival will be a raised and covered stage so there is no fear of the weather while performing or setting up.

To be selected.

All persons or bands or groups wanting to perform will be asked to submit some kind of demo video.  It only needs to display your band, your ability to perform and the true type of music you wish to play.
If you are a heavy metal band, please do not submit your performance of a Justin Beiber song.

Please also send us a link to you social media.  If you are selected, we will provide your link on our website so that your fans will know where you are playing and when.  We want to not only help you keep your fans but find new ones.

You are giving us permission to use these videos so that we might promote your band to the public and to potential sponsors of the second event.


In conjunction with the Open Air Festival we are also doing a paid admission event for adults called VapeCon.  It is a show for those that want to purchase Vaping equipment and supplies.

This is important to know.

If you are playing at the Open Air Festival, you can also play at the VapeCon Grand Music Hall for a sponsor.

This is a separate event and no matter what the pay is for the Open Air Festival, this one is a separate paid performance.  You will maybe do 2 paying gigs within a couple hours to two different groups.

This is how that works.

When VapeCon has you video, we will make that video available to all our sponsors.  They will have the chance to select your group and you will then know you will do another 40-45 minute Set in the Grand Music hall.

You will know usually by August 1 if you were selected for this separate event and again, making sure the sponsor and VapeCon know of you social base can only help.

Please also be aware that if you are selected, VapeCon will make every effort to insure that you are playing both Gigs within a couple of hours.  Example.

Let’s say you are doing the Open Air Festival at 15:00 on Saturday.  You will be in the Program so your fans and others will know you are playing at 15:00 Saturday.

You finish your set and break down.  You know that you will have another Set inside the Grand Music Hall at 17:00.  It is about 16:00 when you finished the first set and then you will go inside, meet the sponsor (hopefully you will have already talked before hand via email or an earlier face to face) and then at 17:00 you will be on stage with the sponsor.

The Sponsor might be a E-Liquid line from the USA.  Chances are they will greet the crowd, say some nice words, throw some t-shirts into the crowd and then announce your band.  You will then do that second 9hopefully) new Set of about 40-45 minutes.

If you wish to offer your own t-shirts or hats for the crowd with your band name and logo, VapeCon can help in that.

Please know that during this second set, your performance and the interaction of the sponsor beforehand will most likely be video tapped for their social media.  This will be a way for them to show their Brand and for you to show you performed for another group.

We will insure that you will have the ability to use any and all video of your performance at wither event for your own social media.

Understand that the pay for the Open Air Festival will be based on such factors as your ability to have your fan base support your group, the time you perform and any and all other factors.

The pay for the VapeCon event is the same for everyone.  You will only perform for ONE sponsor and you will relieve the same pay as any of the other groups performing.

To be considered, please send any and all need information to or