Vape Competitions

VapeCon will hold the largest Prize Pool for Vaping.  There will be categorize


·         The competitions are open to all people that can legally Vape in the Czech Republic.

·         To be selected as a finalist, you must submit your video of some of your ability and in the video, you must also ask in it to be considered for VapeCon and state that you are going to VapeCon Prague and supporting it.  This can be a separate part of a video you already have made but it must then to submitted to VapeCon, posted on you one social media site and you must provide VapeCon with the written address.

·         Part of your evaluation for selection as a finalist will depend on the ability of the tricks, the appeal of the video to others on the internet and you willingness to come to Prague and show us your skills.

·         Please know that the amount of likes or followers and positive comments will be one factor in the decision of the judges to select you as a finalist and ultimately the winner.

·         Please also know that you are giving VapeCon permission to use any and all materials sent us and that any materials sent will not be returned.

·         If you are selected as a finalist, you will be given a two day VIP Pass to the show and notified when the competition will be held.

·         The competition will be held at the main stage in the Grand Music Hall.

·         You also hereby grant permission for VapeCon to use and disseminate your image at the competition to any and all persons or parties VapeCon deems fit.

·         The winners will be featured in print and video and will receive prizes according to their placement  in the judging.