Open Air Festival


VapeCon is pleased to announce a free Open Air Festival, open to all.  There will be lots of food, drink, music from bands from all over the Czech Republic and Europe and good information if you want to know anything about Vaping.

We will not be selling anything Vaping, only giving you good information about what other governments think, what other medical communities think so that when it is time for you to think about smoking, you can have an informed choice to decide.  If you do not smoke, maybe you know someone that does and at the Open Air festival we will have people from the industry and the medical community there to answer any questions you might not know to ask so that you can help your friends and loved ones with their smoking decision.

Please feel free to click the buttons to see the Food, Beer or Bands that are doing the Festival.

Bring your friends, your thirst for beer and your thirst for information about this new industry of the future.